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The 2022 Sun Downer Swim

New Forest Water Park, Ringwood Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2EY

25th June 2022 | 5:00pm

Entries Closed

5 hour relay swim into the sunset!


The Sun Downer Swim is back

*New Venue - New Forest Water Park!

The Sun Downer Swim, a 5-hour relay swim into the sunset. Who is ready for some Summer Party Vibes? 

Swimmers can race either solo or join up with some friends to make up a pair or a team. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible within the 5 hour time limit but also to have loads of fun with like minded people! The course will be 800m around the lake and will begin in daylight at 5pm and reduced to a smaller 350m lap once the sun goes down. Swimmers will be given glow sticks for the final twilight hours and when the party really begins!! 

The race is electronically timed so we can log your laps and there will be a live update screen in the Race Village showing your positions. Swimmers can stop and rest when they wish but always leave at the correct point to ensure lap times are recorded. You can also stay in the water for more than 1 lap. Team entries can choose how they relay their team members on laps however there will be a cut off time for entering onto the last lap.

Entry includes timing and live results, water safety, swim hat, glow sticks, hydration station, finisher medal, a hot meal voucher, yoga sessions and some banging Ibiza tunes!!

So who is ready to join us for our Summer Party?!